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Bamboo Bubby ScratchMeNots

Bamboo Bubby ScratchMeNots

ScratchMeNot™ Flip Mitten Sleeves by Bamboo Bubby are the only bamboo-cotton blend sleeve, specifically designed for children with eczema from the ages of 3 months up to 6 years. When flipped to closed, the smooth silk mitten further reduces abrasion from rubbing minimising the damage to skin. The bamboo fabric with its cotton and lycra blend has been sourced especially for its low abrasion, natural breathability and exceptional wicking properties or drawing away moisture from the skin. These are all imporant features and requirements of clothing for the treatment and prevention of eczema.

Colour Design - Papaya Splash (orange/papaya colour)

                          - Royal Blue Rain (blue)

Sizes -  Newborn to 6 months (63-68 cm Wingspan) 

         - 9 Months (68-71cm months Wingspan) 

         - 12 months (71-76cm Wingspan) 

         - 18 months (76-81cm Wingspan) 

         - 2 years (81-86cm Wingspan) 

         - 3 years (86-92cm Wingspan) 

         - 4 years (91-99cm Wingspan) 

         - 5 years (99-107cm Wingspan) 

         - 6 years 107-114cm Wingspan)


Colour Design & Size:

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