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100% Wool Laundry Dryerballs

100% Wool Laundry Dryerballs

Dryer Balls L to R Chocolate, Cinnamon, Vanilla & Kemp Fleck (Limited Edition)

100% Wool Energysaver Laundry Dryerballs

These little magic balls are made from 100% wool and are all natural and non toxic that is gentle on clothes, including delicate clothes. Throw them in your dryer and forget about them and they will work there magic every dry. They work by drawing the moisture from the wet clothing in a process of "regain" which is the ability of the fabric's ability to absorb and reabsorb moisture from it's environment. The balls fly around the dryer separating the the fabrics and allowing air to pass between the layers therefore increasing the surface area that is drying. No need to use fabric softner while using the balls as their wooly surface softens the fabrics naturally, great for cloth nappies. Remove clothes from dryer as soon as cycle finishes as the balls also cut down ironing time. They are great for people that have sensitive skin as it is all natural.

Made in South Australia by Living Eco using a local wool from a family run sheep farm using the age old process of wool felting.

As the colours of the wool is natural there will be no colour run from the wool balls.

Properties - All Natural, Natural Fabric Softner, Reduces Ironing,

                       Decrease Drying Time, Lasts for 1000's uses.

                    - x 3 Dryerballs will reduce drying time by 33%

                    - x 6 Dryerballs will reduce drying time by 50%

                    - Avoid if Allergic to Wool




        Fragrance  - Natural, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Peppermint  

    Depending on the fragrance you want will determine how your clothes will smell at the end of drying (like how a chemical fabric softener will add a fragrance to your clothes but this is just in a natural way). If you want a essential oil added into your dryer balls please add the fragrance to the comment box at checkout.                


Dryer Balls Colour Combinations:

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