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Eco friendly, funky, affordable and functional products for the whole family and home. All products are environmentally responsible, biodegradable or recycled.


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                                                       Sprout Pencils

Sprout Pencils are handmade from sustainably harvested cedar wood and are 100% natural products and does not contain lead or toxins. Plant the tip of your pencil when it gets too small to use either in your veggie bed or pot and you can grow either herbs, veggies or flowers depending on the pencil you have.






Honeysticks Crayons

     Honey Sticks Crayons

Honey Sticks are made in New Zealand using from 100% pure beeswax and nontoxic pigments. The 12 jumbo sized crayons are designed for little hands, they're vibrant and long lasting colours: Purple, blue, black, ocher, pink, white, red, light-green, dark-green, orange, brown & yellow.






 You've found us, so clearly you're a responsible consumer, looking for an affordable range of eco friendly, low chemical, organic, non toxic, bpa free, stainless steel, funky & functional products. Congratulations to you!


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