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Does your Baby have a Toxic Dummy? Why our BPA, PVC free and Phthalate free dummies are best for baby.

Unknowingly many parents are feeding their baby a cocktail of toxic chemicals everytime they give baby a dummy, a bottle or a teething toy to chew.  PVC, BPA, Lead and Phthalates are toxic chemicals that are still used in baby dummies, bottles and teething toys - does your baby have a toxic dummy?
Bisphenol-A free (BPA), Phthatlate free, PVC free and Lead free
Dummies, Pacifiers, Soothers, Teethers and Teething Toys

Manufacturers are becoming wise and are finally bowing to consumer demand for baby safe products, but you still need to be vigilent as there are many manufacturers and retailers out there still trying to sell baby products made with a toxic chemical cocktail.  Every dummy, teething toy, baby bottle - every baby product in fact - that you'll find here at Living Eco is SAFE FOR YOUR BABY. No harmful additives, no toxic chemicals - only brands and products you can trust.

Why are toxic chemicals like BPA and Phthalates used in baby products you may ask? Well, they serve a purpose to the manufacturer...

BPA is used in products like baby bottles to add clarity, give durability and basically to give a "pretty" glass like finish.  BPA is a resin, but it's unstable and doesn't stay "attached" to the plastic it's put into, and instead leaches out into your baby's food or drink. It is a MYTH that BPA leaches from plastic ONLY WHEN THE ITEM IS HEATED! BPA leaches constantly from the plastic it's made into, however heating increases the level meaning that MORE toxic chemical is leeching out when you heat the bottle.  Also not widely known, BPA leeches out at the SAME LEVEL AS HEATING when the item is FROZEN! So home-made baby food frozen in trays containing bpa will be contaminated with the toxic chemical also.

As for Phthalates, this is a chemical that makes plastic soft, chewable and plyable - so perfect for baby dummies and teething toys (as far as the manufacturer is concernted anyway!).  So that little plastic ring filled with water you hand your baby when his teeth are paining, may contain dangerous chemicals like PVC and Phthalate.  These additives are hormone disrupting chemicals that have been linked to all sorts of health issues including some cancers, liver and kidney damage, growth and developmental delays.  PVC is also a harmful plastic as it can contain lead.

Debate still rages over these toxic chemicals while research is compiled about their effects, however did you know that the company that manufactures BPA makes businesses using it sign a contract stating they won't use it in products intended for children under 3 years of age?  That is enough admission for me - my kids don't get any plastic  products that aren't "safe plastics".  As for those of you still undecided - wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? 
Living Eco only stocks products that you can rely on and trust. Our products don't contain any harmful (or potentially harmful) chemicals so you can purchase and use confidentally. As more consumers demand products that are BPA and phthalate free, less of these products will be manufactured, overall making the world a little less toxic and leaving a better legacy for future generations.

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