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Stainless Steel Baby Bottles - the latest eco friendly alternative, bpa free & funky!

Stainless Steel Baby Bottles - isn't that abit odd? 
Actually no! Stainless Steel is a great choice for a healthier baby bottle...let us tell you why...

Stainless Steel baby bottles offer a number of advantages over mainstream plastic or glass baby bottle alternatives. From hygiene to impact resistance to being recyclable, stainless steel products should be your first choice for your family whenever possible!

The most obvious advantage of stainless steel is its durability and longevity. This is because of its alloy composition (meaning it is a composite of a number of metals). The result is an metal that is resistant to corrosion and will not break down or become brittle when exposed to heat or cold. Unlike some plastics, it does not need additional chemical treatments to increase its durability. Plus, stainless steel won't shatter when dropped, nor will it scratch during normal use. Stainless steel's scratch resistance offers greater hygiene also as food or bacteria cannot lodge in tiny scratches, as it can with commercial plastic bottles and food containers.

Stainless steel is a premium choice for hospitals, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities because it's so easy to keep clean and hygenic.  It does not need strong chemical cleaners to ensure it's clean, nor is it prone to increased wear and tear from repeated cleaning and washes.

Finally, Stainless Steel is a 100% recyclable product. In fact the industry has aggressively pursued recycling strategies for many years. In 2002 alone, approximately 12 million tonnes of stainless steel was recycled. This means that 50-60% of every Stainless Steel product is made from recycled materials1 .

So why should you choose stainless steel baby bottles?
- stainless steel baby bottles offer increased hygiene, cleaning ability and durability.
- stainless steel won't scratch, meaning bacteria cannot lodge in your baby's bottle (like can happen with plastic bottles) which can cause tummy upsets of varying degrees.
- stainless steel is 100% recyclable, so when you're done using baby bottles they can be recycled and made into other stainless steel products, unlike plastic baby bottles (most of which end up in landfill).

How do you use stainless steel baby bottles?
A common question!
Obviously stainless steel can't be microwaved. To make formula, simply heat the water in a microwave safe container such as glass, then transfer back to the stainless steel baby bottle to mix.  It only adds an average 10 seconds to the bottle making time, which is very little time and well worth it to offer your baby a healthier baby bottle option.  A common practice is to keep a small glass jug at the microwave, specifically for heating water to make formula.

To heat breastmilk you're best to use a hot water method, which you can do directly in the stainless steel baby bottle if you like.

Did you know that approximately 44 toxic chemicals can be released when you heat a mainstream plastic baby bottle in the microwave? Consider that before deciding whether to heat baby bottles in the microwave or via hot water.

Cleaning and sterilising stainless steel baby bottles?
Very easy to care for and able to be sterlised, complete information is provided with each stainless steel baby bottle.

Are stainless steel baby bottles too hot to hold when heated?
Not at all! Baby formula or milk is only ever heated to a comfortable drinking temperature which is quite comfortable and safe to hold. Stainless Steel baby bottles transfer more heat than some plastic and glass baby bottles, but it's not unsafe. Ensure the baby milk or formula is a safe drinking temperature and that will be safe to hold in the hand also.

1. International Stainless Steel Forum,

Information thanks to organicKidz™ Stainless Steel Baby Bottles


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