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EcoWheat Organic Wheat Bag Review

                             EcoWheat Organic Wheat Bags Review

About –  EcoWheat Organic Wheat Bags are made in Queensland Australia, from organic Australian wheat, lavender and organic cotton. They come in a range of styles to suit the whole family including Eye Treat, Kitty, Doggie, Star and your normal style Wheat Bag which has a removable cover. Eco Wheat takes sustainability seriously and pack their products in tissue paper and a cardboard box that all can be reused or recycled and no plastics are used. They care about the environment and their impact on it and have a worm farm at the office to help reduce waste and get great fertiliser from them.

Review – The Wheat Bags are made from high quality organic cotton and are made to a very high quality. The unique styles of the kitty, doggie and star are great for kids instead of the boring normal wheat bags and they come in great designs that suit both girls and boys.  The designs are so cute they will become a favourite snuggle toy in bed for your child. The normal design Wheat Bag comes with a removable cover so if it gets stained just pop it in the washing machine.

The wheat bags can be used either hot or cold and are soothing and useful for many injuries and illnesses. Each bag has lavender in it which helps soothes, calms nausea and promotes sleep so it makes a wonderful snuggle bag for any child or adult that isn’t feeling or sleeping well. They also look good on the bed during the day. When heating the bags make sure you heat it with a glass of water (microwave safe glass) to help prevent the wheat from burning (must be done with all wheat bags) and helps to prevent that burnt popcorn smell. You must follow the instructions provided and be careful not to overheat it for children, elderly or diabetic people who cannot tell if it’s too hot and to prevent burns with them. The wheat bags make a great cold pack by placing them in a sealed plastic bag and place in freezer for at least 2 hours.  Use the cold wheat bags on hot nights to keep your child or yourself cool.

The Eye Treat is a perfect size that you can use it anywhere, use it heated to soothe a sore neck, wrist. We would suggest to, have 2 Eye Treats so you can use one only for heating and the other kept in the freezer. The Eye Treat is a great size to pop on any sore area that needs a cold pack and is great to place on your child’s grazes and bumps. It is not too heavy to have on your face as a cold pack, the lavender is great for use with headaches and migraines it helps to soothe and ease your headache/migraine. The kitty, doggie and star are unique shapes to The EcoWheat Organic Wheat Bags are made from funky material to suit both boys and girls. They are not too heavy and can be carried by a child.

These are great wheat bags, made to high quality and standard they are worth the investment. Join up to our newsletter before January 31st 2012 to win one of their Eye Treat wheat bags kindly donated by EcoWheat Organic Wheat Bags.

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